Selection process for The Lancashire County Team

Selection for the Lancashire County Senior Team is based on scores achieved at open tournaments ONLY.

There are no stated 'selection shoots' in Lancashire that archers are required to attend. (Other counties may have other systems.)

There are (usually) three matches per year:

  • 3 Counties - Lancashire v Cheshire v Warwickshire (May)

  • Archery GB – National Team Event (June/July)

  • NCAS Inter-Counties Match – Lancashire v Yorkshire v Cheshire v Isle of Man v Cumbria v DNAA (Early October)

To leave enough time to organise things we have introduced cut-off dates for the selection scores These are as follows:

  • 3 Counties – Selection will be based on the previous seasons scores

  • Archery GB Team Event - End of May

  • 5 Counties - End of August

Due to the lack of Lancashire archers attending outdoor open tournaments it is becoming more difficult to provide a County Team. The selectors need scores from:

  • Lady Recurve

  • Lady Compound

  • Lady Longbow

  • Gent Recurve

  • Gent Compound

  • Gent Longbow

  • Whilst there are currently no Barebow team events, we welcome qualifying Barebow scores for future consideration.

Score Criteria:

These should be outdoor scores, less than a year old and a minimum of 6 dozen arrows

For team consideration at least one score should be a 12 dozen round (e.g. York, Hereford, WA1440 or double 720).

Where one must also be at the longest distance for your gender (90m/100y for gents or 70m/80y for ladies).

These should only be from open tournaments and not club shoots or practice.

This information will be used for team selection for county matches AND also help us see 'up and coming' archers who we can invite to squad training sessions.

If your scores are around BOWMAN or above we would like to see them.

Please submit your name & contact details, bow type, club, score and details of where and when it was shot to:

LAA Team Selectors