How To Claim A Lancashire County Record

To quality as an LAA county record, the score for a particular round must have been shot at an event officiated by judges:

  • Open shoot

  • County championship

  • County match

  • National or International tournament

Club day events do not qualify in Lancashire, although other counties may (and do) have different rules.

Certificates are awarded for county records. These are usually given out at the LAA Indoor Championships in November.

To Claim Outdoor, Indoor & Clout County Records, both Senior & Junior: contact Mark (Note that there are some potential county records that are not listed, this is most likely with the junior records as there are so many possible rounds available.)

When claiming an LAA County Record please provide:

  • Archer's name

  • Lady, Gent, Junior Lady, Junior Gent

  • For juniors please give the age AND the age range for the record. For example: Age 15, Under 16 record claimed. (Also, see below.)

  • Bow type

  • Club

  • Round shot. For clout always include the distance and 'one/two way' info.

  • Where the round was shot or the name of the tournament

  • Date

  • Score

  • For tournaments outside Lancashire please attach an electronic copy of the tournament results sheet or the web address of where the results can be found.

* It is only possible to claim for the current age range. An archer, age 15, can claim the Under 16 record but they cannot also claim the Under 18 record. This rule is made for practical purposes and so stop an archer claiming multiple record certificates at the same time.

However, a junior CAN claim both a junior record AND the senior record at the same time. In 2018, Heather Hughes shot 628 for the WA 720 70M round, which was both the under 18 record and the senior record.